Arrow Workforce Solutions is a full-fledged staffing agency that matches professionals with freelance, contract, try-before-you-hire, and full-time job opportunities. AWS is a fast-growing corporation with offices across Canada and the United States. AWS, provides staffing solutions to many top organizations and fortune 500 companies all across North America.

They set out to establish and grow their brand presence online.


Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography


There were a few challenges Arrow Workforce was facing. First off, the brand had a limited online presence. With no consistency across platforms, there was no cohesive brand presence or an omnichannel strategy in place. Additionally, the Staffing industry is a very niche sector and their goal was to reach both staffing decision makers as well as potential candidates.


To get the message across, the Trend Social team proposed a few ideas. The first was content marketing. As content is king, there is no better way to engage and connect with an audience than to create content that the audience can best relate to. The goal wasn’t to be sales focused on Social Media, but rather to showcase Arrow as being the thought leader in the industry. The other solution was to manage their social media accounts – to ensure content was being reached to the right audience. Additionally, once Arrow’s social media presence was established, digital advertising strategies were then put in place to ensure effective growth and a solid ROI.

● Content Marketing
● Social Media Management (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok)
● Photography
● Videography (Ads, Animation, Explainer Videos)
● Graphic Design


The team at Trend Social created a brand new, high-quality social media strategy for Arrow Workforce. Utilizing high quality and sponsored content, Trend Social helped increase website landing page visits by over 450% and increased Arrow’s Instagram impressions by over 1000%.

● Increased brand awareness
● Increase number of leads and potential candidates
● Provided an added avenue of customer service (through the management of messages on social apps)